Why do I feel like I can’t empty my bowels properly?

20 Sep Why do I feel like I can’t empty my bowels properly?

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Occasionally I have patients who tell me that there was one thing I told them that helped them above and beyond everything else we talked about. I pay attention when this happens, because those are usually good blog topics.

This one is about emptying your bowels. If it comes easily to you, you never have to strain and you are groaning at this topic, feel free to move on to one of my other blogs! Or maybe head across and check out my new project, www.corefitmama.com where we will be producing exercise programs for pregnant and post natal mums in the not too distant future.

Back to the bowels though, not being able to empty your bowels can be a symptom of pelvic organ prolapse. This is because if the rectal wall has “fallen” into the vagina, it creates a pocket where stool can get stuck on it’s way out of the rectum.

A simple trick to help move your bowels fully, is to insert a finger or two into your vagina and push backwards against the back vagina wall. This helps to anatomically correct the wall, and will make it easier for the stool to pass.

You can even purchase devices that will assist you to do this, for those that find it too difficult to do this themselves, or those who would just prefer not to.

For an Australian supplier, you can find them here.

The main thing, it to make sure that you are not straining, straining on the toilet produces a large amount of intra-abdominal pressure that pushes down onto your pelvic organs, and can make prolapse symptoms worse.

If you have any other questions, or would think you might have a prolapse, feel free to contact us for assistance.



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