Toilet Training Tips.

23 Aug Toilet Training Tips.


We have recently been through toilet training twins. That was pretty hectic. But I found that toilet training is a hot topic amoung mums and there a couple of things I think parents should be aware of that might help them out when dealing with weewee’s and poopoo’s.

1. Wait until they are ready. We waited until our boy twin was 3. He never showed any signs of being ready before this, and when we finally did it, he was done completely in under a week. Night times as well.

2. Constipation is a massive issue. Did you know, when you are constipated if can actually make you incontinent of urine? Yes, really. If the bowel is overfull, it will press on the bladder reducing the capacity of the bladder, and giving you symptoms of urgency. If you have a child who is having accidents, MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT CONSTIPATED! Fix the constipation, and you will fix the urgency and incontinence.

3. Straining on the toilet will weaken your pelvic floor muscles, and push down on your pelvic organs. I have seen patient’s with pelvic organ prolapses with no other risk factor, than a long history of constipation and straining to pass a bowel movement. It is important we teach our children not to strain, and to make sure they are drinking enough fluid and eating enough fibre to make opening their bowels easier.

4. How do I stop my child from straining? Get them to blow up a balloon while sitting on the toilet. Or if they are younger you get them to make a long low “Moo” sound. Like a cow. I promise this works, I use it with my twins. This will help to relax the pelvic floor muscles and open the bowels.

5. Don’t let them ignore the urge to do a poo. They might do this if they are scared of doing a poo in the toilet, or if they are busy playing they might ignore the urge. We keep a careful eye out the twins grabbing their bottoms in our house! The longer the motion sits in the rectum, the body will absorb more water from it back into the system, and this will make the poo harder and more difficult to pass.

6. How do I know if they are constipated? It is not just about how often they go to the toilet, it’s how hard their poo is. It will be painful for them when they go to the toilet, and they might complain of tummy pain.

If they are going to the toilet at least once to twice a week, and their poo isn’t hard, there is no reason to be concerned.

This is the Bristol stool scale, it can help you decide if the poo is “normal”. You are aiming for a type 4 ideally.


Hope you found this helpful! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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