The top 5 exercises you can do that involve your baby

18 Nov The top 5 exercises you can do that involve your baby


Becoming a new mother can be one of the most amazing, stressful and time consuming periods in your life. We all know babies demand constant attention so it can be hard to find time for exercise. Gold Coast Physio for Women is here to give you 5 great exercises to do that include your beautiful bundle of joy.

Exercise 1: Baby squats.

Holding bub face to face out in front of you, place your feet just wider than shoulder width apart. Lean you bottom backwards keeping the weight through your heels. Then pretending to sit in a chair, lower as far as you can while keeping your back straight and shoulders up. Smoothly rise back up to standing, then repeat. Bring you baby in close as you stand, and stretch out your arms as you lower. The best part: No barbell needed, bub provides extra weight for you to lift.

Aim for 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

It works: Your thighs, bum and core.

Exercise 2: Tummy time.

We hear about the importance of tummy time for baby, but what about for mummy?

Join in tummy time by lying on your stomach opposite you baby, squeeze your feet and thighs together and try to lift them up off the ground and hold. For added effect try working your upper back too by raising your chest up high with your arms out wide.

Aim to hold for 15 seconds, with 8 repetitions.

It works: Your bum, back and core.

Exercise 3: Baby bicep curl and lift.

Holding your baby out in front of you, curl up towards your chest and then lift them above your head as high as you can. Slowly lower back down to waist height, and repeat. Make sure to keep your