The Mummy Check Up

12 Jan The Mummy Check Up


This is me three weeks after having my twins. They were small enough to fit into one of the pram bassinet’s together!

After you’ve had a baby, you will usually see your Doctor or midwife for your 6 week review. After both my pregnancies, I found this visit to my obstetrician, a little bit underwhelming.

He checked my wound. Asked if I felt ok. Asked me if I wanted a pap smear. And then asked about my contraception plans.

Which, by the way, after my twins was to use my polycystic ovaries!

Hadn’t they caused us to have to do IVF in the first place? They had certainly been sufficient in the past at keeping me very much, not pregnant, while we were trying to have a baby.

My OB did tell me he thought this wasn’t sufficient, and just over a year later, it turned out he was right. Turns out we weren’t completely infertile after all. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise our little boy turned out to be.

I’m getting off track though.

Your body has been through so much after you have given birth. And it will never be the same again. Before you return to exercise and your pre-pregnancy activities, it deserves a check up.

At Gold Coast Physio for Women, we offer the Mummy check up. The ideal way to make sure that your body is ready to get back into it.

This includes:

– A check for any abdominal muscle separation or diastasis recti
– An ultrasound scan through the abdominal wall to check you are able to contract your pelvic floor correctly.
– A comprehensive screening assessment to check for any “red flags”, for example, early prolapse symptoms, urinary and bowel concerns, neck or back pain.
– Personalised return to exercise advice.
– A written summary of your session, including any recommended treatment plan.
– Recommendations of classes on the Gold Coast suitable for the returning to exercise Mum.

If you are already past your 6 weeks mark, it’s fine. Anytime after birth is the ideal time for a check up!

And the best part? We come to you! So you don’t need to find someone to watch the baby (or the toddlers) while you trudge to yet another medical appointment. We will bring all of our equipment to you, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have any questions about anything worrying you, please feel free to contact us.

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