The Benefits of Baby Massage

14 Jun The Benefits of Baby Massage


Before I was Physio, I was actually a massage therapist. I have a Cert IV in massage therapy, and also attended a course on how to provide infant massage. This was a course I never actually utilized until I had children.

Can I tell you, I think this was one of the best things I did in the first year of my baby’s lives.

When you have twins, I don’t really think that you have a choice not to be routine driven. Well I certainly felt like it helped anyway. I was a big fan of the night time routine, and we implemented it early.

From the time we brought them home from the Special care nursery, I would give them a massage before their night time bath. It did help that we had them in the middle of the Queensland summer. I would put on some relaxing music, and massage the first one, then that one would have some nappy off time on the playmat while the other one had their turn. This was a lot easier once I had my singleton 2 years later, and didn’t have to juggle 2! But it was a routine we continued for the first 12 months, and they loved it.

I would really encourage all the mums and dads out there with little ones to look at incorporating some baby massage into your routine somewhere.

Here are some of the benefits of what it can do for you and your little one;

  1. improve sleep
  2. assist with weight gain
  3. reduces stress
  4. can improves colic, reflux and constipation
  5. boost immunity
  6. reduce crying

If you want a lesson on how to massage your baby, please contact us. We can teach you!


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