Physiotherapy and Mastitis

08 Feb Physiotherapy and Mastitis

Soft photo young mother feeding breast her baby at home in white room

Mastitis is very common in breastfeeding women. It can be a big problem for women who are trying to breastfeed, and is a common condition that I see in my clinic. The breast becomes painful and inflamed. There are often hard lumps present also. It can be the result of a blocked milk duct that hasn’t cleared, and it can be present with or without infection. You may also feel like you have the flu, you can have aches and pains, and feel hot and cold.

Often antibiotics are given to treat it, and women are advised to push the lumps towards the nipples to clear the inflammation. This can be painful, and women worry about feeding the antibiotics to their baby through their breastmilk.

Physiotherapy can offer another option which is drug free and risk free. We can use therapeutic ultrasound to soften the lumps, and teach the correct massage techniques to assist with clearing the breast. A lot of woman are massaging in the incorrect direction and this won’t be helping.

If you are having trouble with bouts of mastitis, call us today to make an appointment to see Bec to discuss what you can do about it.


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