Pelvic Floor – Are You Doing It Right?

10 Aug Pelvic Floor – Are You Doing It Right?


These days, most women are aware of their pelvic floor muscles, and know how important it is to exercise them to ensure they avoid incontinence and prolapse (where the uterus, bladder or bowel descend into the vagina). My mother’s group had a chat about it over dinner last week. They all admit that they are aware they need to do them, but they all voice concern over whether they are doing them correctly. Being a set of muscles where you cannot see the contraction, it is different to say, a bicep contraction, where you know it is working, because your elbow bends. You can see it! That is not the case with your pelvic floor muscles.

The scary thing about exercising your pelvic floor muscles, is that up to 50% of people perform their pelvic floor exercises incorrectly, and up to 46% of these in a way that promotes incontinence! If you are pushing down instead of lifting up, you will be promoting and potentially worsening incontinence and prolapse symptoms. So, now that we know we need to pay special attention to these muscles, we also need to ensure we do our exercises correctly.

So, how do we do this? Do you wish you could see these muscles?

Well, let’s confirm it with an ultrasound scan! Ultrasound scans do not only allow you to see your unborn baby, but we can also get a picture of your muscles as they are contracting.

It is simple and non-invasive. We place the probe on your lower abdomen, and you will see on the screen a picture of your pelvic floor muscles. Your physiotherapist will help you identify them and show you how to ensure you are contracting them the correct way!

These muscles are not just important for people who have had children, every woman should be looking after her pelvic floor muscles, they help keep you continent and hold everything in place! At Gold Coast Physio for Women we come to you in the comfort and convenience of your own home, call us today to discuss booking an ultrasound scan appointment.

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