Are you looking for a safe exercise program after giving birth?

16 Jan Are you looking for a safe exercise program after giving birth?


Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but it also takes its toll on your body. one problem many women get is abdominal muscle separation. This condition is the result of increased pressure on a weakened core. I get a lot of women who make appointments for abdominal muscle separation as well as lots of women wanting safe post-natal exercise programs. A big issue for many of these women is that they find it difficult to do the exercises we give them on a regular basis. They may start doing them for a short while, but then they don’t continue. A few of my patients have signed up for online exercise programs, wanting to lose their baby weight, often with poor outcomes when they were given too much to do too soon, or exercises not safe for a women who has just had a baby. It started me looking into what was out there so I could send them to a program that was safe, effective and easily accessible. That’s when I became aware of Mutu developed by Wendy Powell. It came to my attention because of the large number of highly regarded Women’s Health Physiotherapists from all around the world who have recommended it.

MuTu is a 12-week program made for mums. It is¬†designed to flatten your tummy, stop annoying leakage, lose the weight you really wanna shift, heal your diastasis recti, feel fitter, healthier and sexier. The best bit is it takes 15 minutes a day! It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your baby, this program is suitable for you.

When I looked at the exercises I also realised, it was suitable for ALL my pelvic floor ladies that I treat. The program is very similar to the exercises I prescribe, and women with pelvic floor issues, like incontinence or prolapse are often wanting to know where to go to access safe exercise programs.

If you follow the program consistently, it will only take 4 weeks for you to feel different. After 6-8 weeks, you will start noticing changes in your body, abdomen and pelvic floor. The program also provides you with access to a support forum that will help you stay motivated and keep going.

The best part about the MuTu system is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t take much of your time either. All you need are 15 minutes each day.

If you want to feel reconnected to your core and enjoy a stronger lower back, a flatter stomach and a pelvic floor with optimal functionally, this is the program for you.

Access Wendy’s program here.


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