5 Easy Exercises to Relieve Back Pain in Pregnancy.

01 Mar 5 Easy Exercises to Relieve Back Pain in Pregnancy.

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During pregnancy your body undergoes immense changes. Your centre of mass moves forward as your bellyand breasts grow, your weight increases and your joints become more mobile and relaxed. These changes can easily lead to back pain.

Keeping good posture is very important during pregnancy, as your weight pulls you forward, you need to try not to overcompensate with leaning backwards, straining the muscles in your lower back. Hold your chest high, and keep your shoulders back and relaxed. When standing, try to remain straight and tall. Posture is also very important while sitting, it is a good idea to use a highly supportive chair or use a pillow behind the lower back.

Here are five exercises and stretches to do throughout your pregnancy which should help avoid and alleviate back pain.

Exercise one Angry cat.

Start on all fours with knees hip width apart, and hands shoulder width apart resting on the ground. Keep your head and neck in line with your back. Slowly pull your stomach in, rounding your back slightly upwards towards the celling. Try to hold for several seconds before returning to a neutral position. Don’t let your back sag downwards and arch, try to keep it as flat as possible. Do 10 repetitions.

Exercise two Pelvic tilts.

Stand with your back straight against a wall and your feet shoulder width apart. In your initial standing position there should be a small gap between your lower back and the wall. Push the small of your back into the wall by tilting your pelvis backwards, hold this for several seconds before returning to your original stand. This is a good stretch for the muscles of the lower back. Do 10 repetitions.

Exercise three Twists.

Sit upright with your legs crossed and your shoulders back and relaxed. Holding your left foot with your right hand, slowly twist your torso to the left, moving your left hand behind you. Open your upper body to the left and hold for several seconds. Repeat this slow twist on the opposite side. Gradually work your way up to 5 repetitions on each side.

Exercise four Elevated child’s pose.

Kneeling in front of a gym ball, place your palms on top of the ball and press your feet into the ground behind you for stability. Keep your hips above or just behind your knees and tuck your chin in, extend your arms in front of you rolling the ball forward until your back is parallel with the floor. Keep your shoulders down (away from your ears) and allow your back to arch into a comfortable position. This should feel like a comfortable stretch and should not be working your abdominal muscles. Tuck your hips and roll the ball back towards your body to come out of the stretch. Work up to 8 repetitions.

Exercise five L-sit relaxation. Lying on your back, lift your legs up against a wall creating a right angle at the hips (or an L shape). Try to move your hips back against the wall as much as possible leaving your feet directly above your hips, resting on the wall. Interlace your fingers and reach up above your head turning your palms outwards to also stretch the upper back. Enjoy the release in the lower back and the drainage of any built up fluids from your legs, back to your heart. Build up to a relaxation of 10 minutes if you can.

Please also remember that every pregnancy and every mother is different; therefore, it is important to talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program during pregnancy.

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